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Check Out The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser Video

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We put up a new YouTube video for the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser, an incredible product that will launch molten hot pepper spray or pepper gel up to 23 feet, at 400 miles per hour!

The JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser is an easy to use, mechanical device that takes cartridges that contain two shots. The batteries are needed for the laser, otherwise the JPX Cartridges use a unique way to launch the pepper spray; they have a 9mm blank cartridge at the back, and when a pin hits the primer, it will shoot the pepper spray.

Check out this video we made on the JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser:

Easy to conceal, legal in all states except NY and MA, and we also have the training cartridges for the gel and spray, so you can practice up before you find yourself in a situation where you need to use it. You can be attacked or some nut will go postal with road rage, and you can safely defend yourself, even against home invasion robberies. Just use the gel in your home, so it won’t get you. It just works on the punk you hit with it.

Click here for more info on the incredible JPX Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser!

Remember, pepper spray first & ask questions later!

Sparky The Stun Gun

Sparky the Stun Gun
Self Defense Products Expert Jet Protector Pepper Spray Gun Black Frame With Laser

New Video Of The Upgraded Electronic Secure Dog Motion Activated Home Alarm

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We just put up a new video of the upgraded Electronic Secure Dog, which now has a remote control to activate it, & a panic alarm that will wake the dead.

It’s now called the Visitor Chime and Watch Dog/Alarm with Remote Control, and you can use it to make a chime sound at your place of business or home, so you know when someone comes in or out. When you are gone, set it to bark, and anytime someone comes to the door, the internal microwave sensor will detect the movement and sound a fairly realistic barking sound that changes between 4 different barks.

Here is the YouTube Video on the Watch Dog Alarm:

There’s a special offer for you at the end…

Defend Thyself!

Sparky The Stun Gun

Sparky the Stun Gun

Self Defense Products Expert Secure Dog

Prevent A Close Shave With The Shaving Cream Diversion Safe

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We are going back and looking at some of our earlier videos, and we can’t believe how bad the quality is, and how long they are. We did the earliest ones with a cheap camcorder, and iMovie on a Mac. Here is a link to one we posted on YouTube in April of 2008 called: What is a Diversion Safe – Hidden Safe?

It’s 6 minutes long, goes over 5 different safes, and the video quality is terrible, though it was all we had. My how times have changed. Now we use Final Cut Express, have a better camcorder, and compress in the correct size with H.264. That video reviewed 5 different hidden safes or diversion safes.

If you don’t know, a hidden safe is one that takes an innocent item, hollows it out, and lets you hide diamonds, rings, coins, or cash in places a punk would not think to look. According the the Chicago crime commission, a criminal spends 8 minutes in a house looking for valuables. If you spread yours around, they will be less likely to find them before they vacate the premises.

So we took that long video, sliced & diced it up, and have made 5 new videos out of it. Short & sweet; here you go with the Barbasol Shaving Cream Diversion Safe:

Wait until the end, as there is a special offer just for you…

Protecting your property…

Sparky The Stun Gun

Sparky the Stun Gun

Self Defense Products Expert

3 Tips To Prevent Being A Victim Of A Home Invasion Robbery

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We just started to watch an interesting show on Spike TV online; Surviving Disaster Season 1. This first episode is 42 minutes long and is on home invasions, where they simulate 2 home invasions and how you can help defend yourself.

One is about a home robbery, the other a well planned kidnapping. They start with the home invasion robbery. They say there are 8,000 home invasions every day in North America, 8,000 freaking thousand home invasions on this continent.

Oh, I think we forgot to mention we were wrong on the 1,000,000 violent crimes every year, we apologize, there are 4,000,000 violent crimes in the USA each year.

So watch the video and pick up some tips. We will give you a few good tips here to prevent or slow down a home invasion robbery:

1. Your first line of defense will be to set up a perimeter motion activated alarm system. Something as inexpensive as the Voice Alert Driveway And Home Alarm System can be set up with extra sensors to blanket your property with an invisible beam that will alert you when it’s been broken by an intruder. That’s when you grab your guns, or non-lethal self defense products.

2. Your 2nd line of defense is to keep your windows and doors locked, even when you are inside. Many home invaders come in the front or back door. Pick up a few inexpensive window alarms like the Glass Guard Window Alarm, and a couple door alarms that will sound off when opened, like the Entry Alarm with RF Remote Control. Now they are at the gates, trying to break into your castle; get ready for them to come blasting in.

3. Now you need weapons, lethal work the best, though non-lethal will stop invaders just as well. HOWEVER, you have to be trained so they are not used against you. Training is the key to having the confidence to use any lethal or non-lethal self defense product.

We like the shotgun for its devastating firepower and ability to get the job done. Also large caliber revolvers pack man stopping force, and they won’t jam at the wrong time. 357 Magnum is a great choice.

For non-lethal, you have a few options. A large pepper spray of 1lb in a fogger will allow you to back-peddle to a safe room, filling the attackers with a cloud of pepper fog that will choke them and slam shut their eyes and throat so just breathing will be difficult. We like the Wildfire 18 Percent Pepper Spray One Pound Pistol Grip to quickly fill a room with some really hot pepper spray.

Another choice is the Mace Pepper Gun, which shoots the potent Mace 10% formula up to 25 feet, giving you plenty of room between you and the attacker. About the size of a flare gun, it uses these cartridges that really pressurize the spray to launch it that far.

And finally, the TASER M18L, which is a glorified stun gun that can electrify a punk from up to 15 feet away with the patented TASER® fluctuating delivery system. We just wrote an article called Is The TASER C2 The Worlds Wimpiest Stun Gun? and it was posted it over at Agoravox. They allow you to listen to it as an MP3, with a computer reading it. Pretty cool! We will post all of our articles there so we can get a MP3 copy.

Anyway, you get the picture; start by protecting the perimeter of your property first, then the ability for invaders to get in the house, then what to do when they get inside.

More to come…

Remember, pepper spray first & ask questions later…

Sparky The Stun Gun

Sparky the Stun Gun
Self Defense Products Expert

Going To The LA Lakers Parade? Bring Your TASER® & Pepper Spray

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Congrats to the LA Lakers for winning their 500 championship this year. There was a mini-riot downtown LA after the out of state win, with “Knuckleheads” jumping up on cars & starting fires.

And now there is going to be a parade for the Lakers that will make its way all the way down to the Coloseum, which is MILES away. This ain’t going to be like the Rose Bowl parade, YOU will be down in the hood, south LA, where you really don’t want to be, especially if you have white skin. Remember Reginal Denny? They almost beat him to a pulp during the LA riots, and I am surprised he did not die.

If you are hardcore enough to head over to the Parade, at least bring your TASER C2, Mace Pepper Gun, and a Telescopic Steel Baton, because you might need it.

Remember to shoot your TASER C2 first & ask questions later…

Sparky The Stun Gun

Pinky Sparkadero
Self Defense Products Expert

CIFTA Will Be The End Of The 2nd Amendment

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Just when you though your rights to keep & bear arms was safe after the Supreme court decided just that in District of Columbia vs. Heller:

District of Columbia v. Heller, 554 U.S. ___ (2008) is a landmark legal case in which the Supreme Court of the United States held that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution protects an individual’s right to possess a firearm for private use. It is the first Supreme Court case in United States history to directly address whether the right to keep and bear arms is a right of individuals or a collective right that applies only to state-regulated militias.

We read over @ the Army of Mom blog that our beloved Barry Obama wants to dredge up CIFTA, after coming back from Mexico. It kind of sounds like NAFTA, and it must be good?

Well guess what CIFTA is, it’s a international treaty to ban the sale and trafficking of illegal weapons and ammunition. The key word is illegal. Illegal means not government approved.

The Brutally Honest blog reminds us that Inernational treaties usurp our Constitution. Even though the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution outlines our right to own a weapon, under CIFTA, it’s overruled. Overruled????

In recent meetings with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, Obama promised to urge the U.S. Senate to pass an international arms control treaty. The treaty, “Inter-American Convention Against the Illicit Manufacturing of and Trafficking in Firearms, Ammunition, Explosives, and Other Related Materials” or CIFTA, was signed by President Bill Clinton ten years ago but it was never ratified by the Senate. The resurrection of this bill brings into question if this is another back door move to restrict second amendment rights by force in a treaty.

Under the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, international legal obligations are superior rank to national law, even if that law is from the national constitution with the exception of Article 46 of the VCLT which says that when the national constitution makes an exception concerning the power to enter treaties, then national law still triumphs even in the face of an inconsistent treaty obligation. If the CIFTA treaty is ratified, and not having defined the exceptions to its many requirements within our constitution, it would usurp U.S. sovereignty on these matters and opens the door to additional legislation to support its application in U.S. law.

Armywifetoddlermom blog posted a CNN clip about CIFTA and all I can say is better get your guns and whaever ammo you can find now, before it’s too late.

Sparky The Stun Gun

Sparky the Stun Gun
Self Defense Products Expert

Police Layoffs Mean More Punks Gone Wild

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With cities across the country like Toledo, OH letting Police Officers go due to budget constraints, you are going to see a lot more punks on the street stealing, robbing, and assaulting. Get use to it for the near future.

No matter if you are man or women, old or young, big or small, your chances of being a victim of some type of crime just went up.

Now, more than ever, you need to equip yourself for the worst. For those of you who carry a concealed weapon, legally, or illegally, you are ready.

For those of you who don’t, well, whatcha goonna do when they come for you? (Sung to the tune of the COPS theme song)

You might want to pick up some of the strongest non-lethal products on the market. We will focus on our top three favorites this week; The TASER C2, the Mace Pepper Gun, and the Spitfire Key Chain Pepper Spray.

#1: The TASER C2
Since TASER quit making the M18, which looked like a Colt 45, all they have for us civillians is the TASER C2, which looks like a bent flashlight. Don’t let the size fool you, it will take down the biggest, baddest MF on the planet. It will even stop a bull!


TASER® takes the weakest stun gun in existence, a measly 50,000 volts, and works wonders with it. Now you are thinking, 50,000 volts, hell Sparky, what about a 1 million volt stun gun?

TASER® says no, it’s not in the voltage, it’s in the way to voltage is pulsated while it is delivered. Imagine a strobe light, that is what TASER does to the voltage, so it’s not a straight shot, it’s completely disrupting the central nervous system of the punk, which will drop them like a sack of whale blubber.

The TASER C2r accepts these small cartridges that shoot out two barbed hooks that land on or in the victim, connected by thin copper wires. The electricity travels down the wires, up to 15 feet so you are at a safe distance, while the punk starts his involuntary dance.

If you miss, or there is more than one, the TASER C2 turns into a TASER® stun gun. Just push the firing button with your thumb, and use it like a regular stun gun by making contact anywhere on the punks torso.

It comes in several colors, and fits easily in a purse, pocket, or belt holster. Legal in states that allow you to buy a stun gun. Not legal here:

States Where Stun Guns Are Restricted:

  • Illinois
  • Hawaii
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • Cities Where Stun Guns Are Restricted:

  • Annapolis, Md
  • Baltimore, Md
  • Baltimore County, Md
  • Chicago, Il
  • Dension / Crawford County, Ia (*According To Sheriff Tom Hogan*)
  • District Of Columbia
  • Philadelphia
  • And anywhere outside the USA or it’s possessions.

    A TASER C2 will only work if you have it with you. If you have been thinking about the rise in crime, and with home invasion robberies spiking through the roof, you have to do something. We have the TASER C2 now on sale, come check out the discount we can’t tell you about here…

    Sparky The Stun Gun

    Sparky the Stun Gun
    Self Defense Products Expert

    DefendThyself and Twitter

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    We will be posting a lot of little tidbits and tips on Twitter, so to make sure you are getting them, head over to:, and “Follow” us.

    This way we won’t send you tons of emails, on top of what we normally send out.

    Defend Thyself…

    Sparky The Stun Gun

    Sparky the Stun Gun
    Self Defense Products Expert

    Roving Street Punks Attack Lone Police Officer In Modesto

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    Brazen attacks by street punks continue to escalate across America as the hundreds of thousands of people out of work are turning to crime to pay the bills.

    An office in sleepy Modesto was confronted by up to 60 gang terrorizing a neighborhood. Citizens are afraid to leave their homes at night and if a Cop can’t even feel safe, what is the country coming to??? That takes a lot of balls to attack a Cop, and he even had a dog with him that will rip you to shreds.

    Officer hit in face, taunted, police say
    Gangs take over after dark, fearful neighbors explain

    The hostile crowd that confronted a lone Modesto police officer and his police dog early Sunday threw glass bottles at the officer, and one suspect punched him in the face, according to details released by police Tuesday.

    Witnesses and police say some in the crowd taunted the officer as they closed in on him, shouting, “Shoot me, shoot me!” when he drew his weapon. Someone in the crowd said, “You know you’re not going to make it out of here,” said Sgt. Brian Findlen, the police spokesman.

    Some witnesses said the face-off was “horrifying” and “like something you would see on ‘Cops,’ ” the TV show that showcases confrontations between police and criminals.

    Residents described their neighborhood as “scary,” especially after dark. Gang members and regular people live side by side, they said, and neighbors fear retaliation if they call police.

    In the old days, neighbors would dust off the shotguns, and take matters into their own hands when a punk was found in a neighborhood he should not be in. Ahhh, I miss the good old days…

    However, California makes it hard to protect ourselves in public with a hand gun, so the next best thing is the Mace Pepper Gun. The Mace Pepper Spray Pistol looks like one of those flare guns they have on a boat, though it packs a wollop!

    You can shoot molten fire into the face of a street punk up to 25 feet on a day with no wind. That’s a long way away, so you can keep safe by keeping the punk at bay.

    Mace Pepper Gun
    Mace Pepper Gun

    It contains a cartridge of the powerful Mace pepper spray that is easily replaceable. You can choose between Blue/Black, Silver, Pink, and Blue. They come with one practice cartridge that you can use on your friends, and one live canister of pepper spray for the punk.

    Visualize Carl Malden from the old AMX commercials saying, The Mace Pepper Gun; don’t leave home without it… For the rest of the week, we will toss in a FREE Dual pack of cartridges; one practice to hone your skills, and another pepper spray canister ($15.95 value!). This offer will expire this Sunday, the 5th @ Midnight, so don’t delay, pick up your Mace Pepper Gun today!

    Remember: Spray first & ask questions later…

    Sparky The Stun Gun

    Sparky the Stun Gun
    Self Defense Products Expert

    What Is The Secure Dog Electronic Guard Dog?

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    We put together a short video on the Secure Dog Electronic Guard Dog. The Secure Dog is an inexpensive motion activated home alarm that really works.

    The video shows what it looks like, and how it sounds. It’s about 6 inches high and inside it has a big audio speaker, computer chips with a digitized dog bark, and some type of motion sensor that can actually “see” through a wall. When the motion sensor is activated by movement, it produces a realistic sounding bark when someone walks to your front door.

    While the sound of the barking dog inside the Secure Dog might not frighten you in the video, when you are outside the house, it sounds like a medium sized dog is in a back bedroom barking. If I was a punk looking for home to get in and out of quickly, I would move on to the next house if the alarm went off. The idea is to alert not only the punk, you want to alert your neighbors that something might be going on.

    The Electronic Secure Dog is good for a home or apartment and for under $80, it just might save your place from being burgularized. For more information on the Electronic Secure Dog, visit our online Self Defense Products Super Store.

    Take the ME out of crime…

    Sparky The Stun Gun<br />

    Sparky the Stun Gun
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